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Have you ever noticed that you might be in an energetic funk? How many times have you wished you could just shake it all off and come back to your highest vibration?

Even if we are living our best life or in our best physical state of being, we can still be mentally or emotionally in an energetic funk. Here are some things we can do to change state. It seems contradictory, but they hold great wisdom.


Have you ever met someone and straight away you feel better?
Consider what would happen if you spent the majority of your time around people like this. Their thoughts, stories and conversations are more aligned with courageous inspiration, willingness, acceptance, reason, unconditional love, joy,

peace, and even enlightenment.
On the flipside, have you ever met someone and you walk away from feeling

energetically drained? From how they show up, to what they talk about, or the stories they tell. We need to be mindful of the people we choose to connect with; as Jim Rohn suggests, we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with.


Have you ever been in an environment, either natural, like a waterfall, or a social environment, like a music festival, where the energy felt contagious? One might ground and recharge you, the other might get your feet and every part of your body moving.

On the flipside, have you been in environments where the vibration feels really low, or it just doesn’t feel right? Perhaps it’s the people, or perhaps it’s a work environment in which no one actually wants to be in. Again, this vibration can become contagious.

You have no obligation to be in low vibration environments or continue low vibration connections.


Consider how you feel energetically after eating and consuming certain foods. Does it make you feel more energized or does it make you feel drained and tired?

Have you ever spent a day or a week consuming low vibration, high-calorie food that may taste really good, but lacks the nutritional energy to give you what you need? Maybe it’s fast food or highly processed “food-like” substances. Also consider how you might feel after a day or week of consuming alcohol and other fake sugary drinks. Initially there might be a spark in energy, but notice how you feel later in the day, or the following morning.

Compare this to how you feel when you might take a month or more off of consuming any low vibration foods or drinks and you shift your energy to high vibration plants, water and anything else that energetically feeds your atoms and cellular pathways on every level. Your digestive system is functioning optimally and you’re saturating your body with nutrients. Your system feels as though it has flicked a switch; and your whole body lights up. If you have seen the movie Limitless it would be akin to showing up, feeling, thinking and operating from this vibration every day.


Change your energy, vibration and frequency internally, and inquire within, before you start trying to change the external reality. It has been said over and over that our external reality is simply a reflection of our internal world. Energy is transformed from one state to another, so make sure you are finding the high-vibe food sources and getting that into your system daily. Keep your body away from harm, and your digestive and immune systems will keep the body functioning optimally from the inside-out.

It is easier to think more positively if we feel better internally.

This is the reason why committing to your health and wellbeing is the best thing you could ever do. How you wake up tomorrow is a reflection of the choices you made 12 months ago, not last week. The choices you make tomorrow will start a positive shift towards living as your ideal self in 12 months’ time. Be the change.

Embody and be it in your daily actions and rituals. Like yoga, you can practice the Asanas on the yoga mat and feel good in that environment, but how do you apply these practices off the mat?


How can we raise our collective vibration towards a higher collective frequency of thought; love, peace or unity? In the same way sporting events can mobilize millions of people to support how a piece of leather is kicked or thrown with emotional ferocity, we could mobilize the world towards a higher collective vibration. The world game.

Paraphrasing Martin Luther King Jr.—“Those who love peace, connection and unity must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war, disconnection and isolation.”

How do we change the world? By taking a stand for compassion, one person at a time. It only takes one person to inspire others and create widespread change.

In 2015 a Global Meditation event set the Guinness World Record for the largest online meditation gathering in history, where more than 140,000 people from nearly every country in the world came together with Deepak and meditated with one powerful shared intention—to cultivate peace.

The impact was immediate and widespread. Families came together to meditate for the very first time. Neighbors became friends as they gathered in each other’s homes. Yoga studios became true community centers, as people all over the world came together and took a stand for peace.


SelfCare is a journey of choices. If you can make high-vibrational choices in low-vibrational environments, then making better choices in nourishing environments will be a lot easier.

Right now, there is both peace and war existing in the world at the same time. Whilst you experience pleasure someone else is experiencing heart-wrenching pain.

Self-care like yoga, becomes a system for reacting and making better choices in the context of any environment or emotional event. Even when certain factors are beyond our control, we still get to choose how we react in any moment.


What takes you into a LOW vibration? Write 5 things that lower your vibration.

  1. ___________________________
  2. ___________________________
  3. ___________________________
  4. ___________________________
  5. ___________________________

What keeps you in a HIGH vibration? Write 5 things that raise your vibration

  1. ___________________________
  2. ___________________________
  3. ___________________________
  4. ___________________________
  5. ___________________________

Think about daily practices, maybe it’s breath work, yoga, meditation or even a sexual connection with a partner.


This is directly referenced from the best-selling amazon SelfCare Book "Lifestyle Medicine For the People" by Rory Callaghan.  If you would like to read more content like this. Grab the free online chapters of the book or a hard copy.

We have done our best to reference everyone’s expert opinions, peer-reviewed science, and original thoughts, all references available here and referenced in the text.

We also understand that most thoughts are not our own and there is a collective unconsciousness, unconsciousness, and universal mind stream of energy that is always at work.  How are references are sorted and filtered is here.

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