The illusion of SelfCare and Health is that we need to be perfect. This isn't true. It's about harmony, health, happiness, and connection. Which means it can be found at any moment. Yes, we can always focus on improving and growing, optimizing.

But, being grateful for what we have right now is the foundation. Fingers that move, feet that walk, energy that enables us to do and be who we are at any moment.

It's not about perfection. That's an illusion. Over our life we journey from looking after ourselves so that others never have to, self-harm, self-sabotage, healthy moderation, f*&k it moments, and even self-mastery. All of it is welcome. But, its the vibe that we choose to stay in and the habits and standards we have within ourselves that ultimately determine who we each become.

The end result is we become self-empowered, connected to our own source, sovereign, anti-fragile, with a deep belief that no matter what life throws at us. Knowing we have got ourselves first, also being ok to ask for support and receive it, in the same way we give it.

The true test is how we can connect to our own source so that we can be there for the people that need us most, in the most inconvenient of moments and circumstances. The true purpose is ultimately human. Consider why we work, why we grow, why we work on ourselves. It ultimately comes back to what we truly value; family, friends, partners, community, and service beyond self. Isn't that ironic, that ultimately we are looking after ourselves so that we can look after others, or at least not be a burden in their life.

Ask yourself, when the conditions are favorable: Are my habits, rituals, and character unwavering? Generally, most of us will answer yes.

However, the trust test: How do I hold these same habits, rituals, and character when I myself am in a crisis, OR my family and the people I care about are in crisis?

Only in these moments, will we truly be able to see and feel the level of love, care, and character we truly have within. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. Every storm outside our control, external pressures, growth, and internal healing will all be the catalysts for real change. When it comes, embrace all that you have learned and make a choice that changes your life forever. The challenge is to be nice to ourselves and others along the way.

1. Our accepted normal is far from normal

Somewhere along with our individual and collective human experience we accepted and prescribed a "normal" that leaves the majority of the human population living in scarcity.

Scarcity of health; It's not normal for 19 in 20 people to not be living in a state of good health, well-being and internal harmony

Scarcity of resources; It's not normal for people in the developed and less developed parts of the world to be struggling to survive and meet their basic human needs, let alone thrive.

We need to change what we believe and think normal to be.

Imagine a world where 19 in 20 people are living in good health and serving from abundant overflow into their local community. Thriving together as tribes, rather than just individuals living for the weekend and seeking quick fixes to get on with a material life that keeps us in more debt, more stress, and more chronic illness. We need a paradigm shift together.

2. Why serve from an empty cup?

Eleanor Brown shares that “Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

There is a narrative that has been created over time, where we have learned to take pride in the struggle. What if we learned to take pride in looking after ourselves, so that others may never have to? Learning to look after and nourish our local natural environment and our local communities. The life support system is truly the key to our health, happiness, connection, and yes, longevity.

Learning to fill your own cup each day is a commitment to yourself. It's about taking radical responsibility. No gurus are needed when you ignite your amazing human potential and live from energetic overflow.

Utilize the best of modern medicine and technology to support the body's natural healing and regenerative mechanisms, but never to replace it. These medicines are only relevant when we find ourselves in an unforeseen circumstance; like an accident or car crash. The rest is within your control. You can choose to live in harmony or choose to live in disharmony, dysfunction, and even disease.

3. SelfCare is not selfish

We need to surrender and let go of the belief that SelfCare is selfish.

Contrary to popular belief, it is necessary to put your own oxygen mask on before trying to save and serve others. There is simplicity in this too. Your basic human needs for survival can be met easily in the context of any environment. Once your survival needs are met (food, water, shelter, safety, etc.). Perhaps It is then your duty to build a longer table, not just higher fences.

Empathy, compassion, and love for ourselves. For the gift that is life. Will enable you to shine brightly to inspire and empower others to do the same. Others will model what you do, more than what you say. We need a new generation of SelfCare leaders who live the truth they are wishing for others. If you want others to be happy, find happiness in your own life. If you want others to be healthy, find good health and harmony in your own life. If you want others to find a connection, find and nourish a real connection in your own life.

For the mothers and fathers out there. Notice that your children are watching. If you can't do it for yourself. Do it for them. Put your oxygen mask on, fill your cup, be the best version of yourself, and serve from abundant overflow, for them, for all of us. By doing so you will energetically fill the cups of those around you. Give them permission to put their oxygen masks on first. Go first and be the energetic change that you wish to see in the world. The modern generations have said enough, it's time for embodiment, not more knowledge and evidence. We have more than enough information to take the next small step. Building one day into the next. Compounding our health 1% per day in the same way we all dream of compounding our wealth.


1. Learn HOW to Fill Your Own Cup

Learn how to arrange the 12 medicines into a representation of your own human vessel. It's an integrated framework like a tensegrity model, where each medicine is intricately connected to each other. In the same way our 12 integrated organs play like an orchestra in harmony or disharmony, depending on the guidance of the conductor (you). Your daily lifestyle choices and habits will sustain harmony and homeostasis internally in your body and externally in your life. Depending on the level of care and nourishment you provide and embody in each day.

2. Do, Put the 12 medicines into practice 1% a day

Remember, we are simply building by 1% per day. Nothing more, nothing less.

There are 3 medicines that are external to you and me; Nature, Environment, and Connection

There are 7 medicines that are internal; Genes(+Epigenetic), mind, food, movement, work, lifestyle & spirituality. If you can shift your core beliefs, think better thoughts, and act/react accordingly with how you eat, how you move, what you do each day, how you live, and how you connect to a higher power or source. Then you can truly grasp the fact that you are the author(thinking dynamic) and driver (action dynamic) for your own amazing human experience.

There are 2 medicines that are interventional and tools to support our body's natural healing mechanisms and human potential: Modern medicine and technology. These are double-edged swords that can be used to passively disable us or actively empower us. Freeing our time, and our location, and igniting our body's innate wisdom to be who were each born to be

Every belief you have guides the thoughts you think and thus how you act and react on a daily basis. These daily lifestyle choices ignite your human potential and amazing innate wisdom through epigenetic pathways that through our human stories, have shown that anything is truly possible from any starting point. If we can travel into outer space and to the depths of the ocean in one breath. Then you too can ignite your own human potential and optimize your own human experience. What an amazing thought! You just have to believe this to be true for yourself so that you can think, act, and react accordingly with all that life throws at you!

3. Embody a "new normal", and set our own standards.

The simplicity is to double down, master, and simplify what you are doing well.

While seeking guidance, mentorship, and support to heal the leaky parts of your cup and even create better plumbing for more internal and external flow.

It may even require setting boundaries and seeking more nourishing environments.

Remember that you have never needed to be fixed.

Simply nourished and supported to blossom and bloom in the way that nature intended.

Let us know when you are living in health, harmony, happiness, and connection! With a full and overflowing cup!


Our accepted "normal" is far from ideal, with many people living in scarcity and suffering from poor health, lack of resources, and stress. We need a paradigm shift towards self-care and nourishment, and away from struggling and quick fixes. Self-care is not selfish, and it is important to take time to replenish our spirits before attempting to serve others. The Fillyourcup Method is a framework that combines internal and external medicines, modern technology, and lifestyle choices to optimize health and well-being. It is important to remember that believing and acting on your own potential is necessary to make real, long-term change.

  • Our accepted normal is far from ideal
  • A paradigm shift towards self-care and nourishment
  • The fill-your-cup Method is a framework for optimizing health & wellbeing
  • Believe and act on your own human potential for real, long-term change
Rory Callaghan
Rory Callaghan
Rory is the founder and CVO for the Selfcare Global Movement. He is a curious soul with multiple health degrees and an integrated toolbelt, Inspired to share all the insights from the SelfCare book
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