Every time you share our content at SelfCare Global we create a positive impact in the world. Help us do that.
Content usage

Please use and share our content, simply tag us in and let us know where it reaches :) We use engagement tools; shares, comments and analytics to create an impact, so every time you share and tag us in, we create a positive social impact together.

The Selfcare Global® is eager to share the materials in our archive as widely as possible. We have placed over 1100 of our articles under a Creative Commons license. Other archive items and pieces not authored by Institute staff are still held under private copyright.

To repost, reprint, or share materials designated as Creative Commons, please:

Attribute the work to its original author
Do not use the work for commercial purposes
Do not alter, transform, or add to the content of the work
Send a note about how you used the work to [email protected] including a link if online
To read the complete information regarding this Creative Commons license, please visit the license explanation page.

eg Instagram

eg. facebook

To use any materials NOT covered by a Creative Commons license, please email your request to [email protected]

We are usually happy to grant permission for other works, but we ask that you send us some more information about your specific project before we do. In your request, please include the following information:

The name of the individual/organization that will be using the work
The work or section of work that you would like to use
The project in which the work will be used–book, course pack, blog article, etc
The nature of the project (commercial or non-commercial) and its intended audience

The context in which the work will be displayed, such as an excerpt of the surrounding text or the chapter in which the work will appear
We also ask that you please send us a copy of your publication once it is complete if it contains work under our copyright.

If you are unsure about what type of license applies to a specific work, please contact us.

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