EVERY TIME SOMEONE JOINS OUR COMMUNITY, SOMETHING GREAT HAPPENS IN THE WORLD. This is why we exist. Impact is our living legacy, together as one.


One Person, One Family, One Community, One Conscious Business; Can Male a Difference

"The one who plants trees, knowing that they will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life. The true purpose is human, it's about giving ourselves to the world, it's a rule of nature. Flowers blossom in the way that nature intended, bees are simply attracted to the gift they share with the world"
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead.

Our Why

“The Rising Billions”

Our 100-year vision and living legacy Is to simply remind people that they have never needed to be fixed, simply nourished. Our intention is to help co-create environments and empower systems that enable the health and wellbeing of all people, irrespective of geographical, cultural, and social context.

Today, 19 in 20 people do not live free of disease or dysfunction. We stand to be part of the solution,  by empowering the rising billion/s to move up the health & wellbeing spectrum, away from dis-ease and dysfunctions towards good health and even longevity. Imagine a world where one day 19 in 20 people live in good state of health and wellbeing!

We have aligned with the 2030 UN sustainable development goals; Igniting a global self-care revolution, founded on global blue zone communities & learning to thrive together as one.


How? It's simple, by simply sharing any content that helps you!

The time is now. When you have more than enough to meet your basic needs. We each have one of two choices. Build longer tables, or build higher fences. The future is all of us together, or none of us.

ENGAGE - We value human interaction.

We believe that our content has no value if it doesn’t have a positive impact on your life. Every time you comment, interact and dance with us. We create 1 social impact on your behalf.

SHARE - If you trust our content.

If it has a meaningful impact on your life and you choose to share it with your networks. We would like to say thank you for creating 1 x social impact on your behalf.

OUR LIVE SOCIAL IMPACT METER  - In partnership with B1G1, each month our contributing team will review the engagement and impact that this self-care ecosystem has had in your lives; updating the social impact meter accordingly. We are a social enterprise and believe that good health and well-being is a foundation of helping solve the other UN sustainable development goals. Together we can co-create a world that works for us all in this generation, and for the next.

Impact Formula


Our Impact is "Hands On" Too.

You can come to get your hands dirty with us and meet the social impact causes we support and believe in

We are delighted to be working with @B1G1 as a Business For Good and we’d love for you to join us too. B1G1 helps businesses like ours give back in powerful new ways and do so much more for the world around us.

Join us, Become a Business For Good Below

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B1G1 is a global business giving movement on a mission to create a world full of giving. Learn about our Business for Good community today.

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You can become a Business/Individual for Good!


B1G1 Champion
If you are a B1G1 Business Member and want to inspire many others to join the movement, this is the program for you. Apply to become a B1G1 Champion today.

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