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"you don't write a book to make money, you write a book to have a positive impact on the world".


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Hey! For those that have followed my journey or those who are just being introduced to me for the first time. After burning out as an allied health professional with multiple degrees from leading universities, I decided that I wanted to be part of the solution, rather than just complaining about the problems and fighting a broken system of passive care. So, I left the traditional healthcare system to do things a little differently. I gave up a 6 figure salary and status to follow my heart and build this dream in reality for the people I cared about most (myself included).

It took me over 7 years to write the SelfCare Book and over five re-writes and edits. Before the first download of the book came. I had spent 10 years training and hoping to be a professional athlete in the AFL system, before being derailed by injuries. I worked as a personal trainer, exercise physiologist, sports physiotherapist, health consultant to corporate businesses, partnered with billion-dollar health companies as a health coach to help them reach over 50,000 customers, and evolved to a business coach for health & lifestyle entrepreneurs. I even washed dishes in friends' cafes, mowed lawns, washed cars, learned how to be a barista, and made pizzas at Dominoes.

The point is that all these experiences taught me what it means to live in a state of good health and wellbeing, plus the factors that take us out of that harmony and alignment. Every step I took to learn, grow, be curious and stand in the feeling I have today, is a summation of it all. It enables me to see the big picture and stop seeing ourselves and others as separate parts of the same whole. The journey of writing this book was hard, I will be honest. But, the journey is the path.

In the first download of the book (2017), 5 weeks of my life disappeared as I locked myself in a room. It felt like my brain "just clicked" and every neuron and cell in my body was ignited. Time didn't exist. I knew I couldn't leave that room until it was done. I finally felt what true passion was.

The second download of the book (2019) came when I started sharing the message with my health professional friends. From Neurosurgeons to Doctors, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Chiros, Naturopaths, Personal trainers, and even Health Coaches. Every one of them liked the idea and the message but replied with "shows me the evidence". Being an evidence-based practitioner I went back and scoured to collective consciousness, from ancient wisdom to modern science. Looking for peer-reviewed articles, leaders, mentors, and the ancient wisdom hidden in plain sight. I directly quoted over 1111 lifestyle mentors from every decade and even century! Plus thousands of other experts, peer-reviewed articles, and randomized controlled trials. From Aristotle to Dr. Mark Hyman. Now the book was over 100,000 pages and I didn't want this to be one of those amazing books that no one ever read.

The third download (2020, inspired by emerging pandemonia) came when I realized that we as human beings are amazing at overcomplicating things. I sat on the second edition for years, learning to be and embody the message I was sharing, rather than just knowing it. I started speaking professionally, facilitating retreats, doing workshops, presenting at online conferences, and sharing the message with anyone I came across.

It helped me realize that I had forgotten something extremely important. I had forgotten to ask people "how can I help?". I had forgotten to be human-centric and ask what people needed in the context of their life.

It seemed like everyone "knew what to do, but no one was doing it".

My previous studies taught me that knowledge is power. But one quote kept running through my mind "to know and not yet do, is to still not yet know". I started observing, asking, and being curious. Asking people what was stopping them or blocking them from listening to themselves and the signals their bodies were giving them.  

In my research, I also realized that over 7 in 10 people that I cared about were living with one or more chronic preventable diseases. This wasn't just a statistic on paper either. I looked around, and it was all there in plain sight.  It made me start to question whether we knew anything at all. Especially if this was the end result, 70% of people I loved were living in disharmony, doctor shopping, and chasing symptoms. That was not the definition of health for me. It's the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I imagined a day where people would come to see health professionals like me to be guided back to their own alignment and harmony, not to be fixed. To be guided, not to be told or be put on a pedestal as a guru. A beacon of light that reminds people that they have never needed to be fixed. Whilst understanding that some people need a strong hand to be walked out of their own darkness, in their own time, when they are ready. It reminded me of Plato's allegory of the cave.

This final rewrite, involved me getting a professional publishing team (feel free to contact them too). After asking for what I needed to get this finished, a mentor of mine Paul Dunn connected me with Natalie Deane. I needed someone with a big heart, who could help me make the complex, simple again. I wanted to find a way to not just change the way we think, but for the stories to hit the heart. I wanted to bring people back to their center and evoke emotions. Leaving people feeling better than when they arrived at the first page. I wanted the book to trigger their depths and shadows, whilst providing a loving and supportive hug. I wanted it to be simple enough, that my 6-year-old nieces and nephews could understand it too. I was continually reminded along the way that "If I cant explain it to a 6-year-old, then I don't know it well enough myself".

In this last edit, Natalie helped me bring 100,000 words, down to 30,000. I asked her to "help me, Mark Twain It". I asked how could we get the message across in the least amount of words? She replied:

"a picture tells a thousand words" and "stories, metaphors, and analogies bypass the brain and hit the heart".

Natalie and the beautiful women-driven publishing team balanced the book with divine feminine energy, to match the evolving healthy masculine energy that it started with. This is a thank you and acknowledgment to these ladies and, a reminder that good things manifest quicker when we stop trying to do it all by ourselves.

Deep down, I knew that it would be ready to give to the world when it felt right.

As we near the end of a pandemic, where the world has been held ransom to a passive intervention that defies common senses and ignores the evidence. I felt that the timing was right to simply remind people that they have never needed to be fixed.

Everyone keeps asking me, why I am so determined to make sure that everyone has access to this book. Finding ways to get it in as many hands as possible for free and leveraging all other common distribution patterns.  I wanted to give people choice and remove as many barriers as I could to ensure that this message could make its way out into the world and even to the family dinner table. My mum is the hero of this story and even she thinks I'm crazy for doing this. But, a mentor that has helped keep me centered in my heart and aligned with a bigger purpose, He reminded me every step along the way that..

"you don't write a book to make money, you write a book to have an impact".

I also understand the human condition. For some reason, we don't value what is free and readily available. So I have gamified access to the book, by giving people 4 options. You simply choose.

Picasso famously drew on a napkin in his final days for a man that asked him to draw something for his son. After Picasso was done, that man asked how much. Picasso replied with a number equivalent to $100,000. The father was astonished and asked Picasso how it could be worth so much, especially considering it only took him 10 minutes to draw. Picasso replied with a smile and said "It didn't take me 10 minutes to draw, it took me an entire lifetime".

The point of this story is that value is relative. It's been an amazing 7-year journey curating ancient wisdom and modern science into simple frameworks and a curated consciousness of over 1111 leading lifestyle mentors from every generation and even century. I promised myself that if the book impacted one soul in a positive way, it was already worthwhile. And it already is. Everything from here is a bonus.

I understand that money and resources can be tight at times. I too grew up with a single mother. I know what it feels like. So even if you can't purchase the hard copy, maybe you can help us share the message with the world. Through your own actions and embodiment or even by letting someone know that this exists and is there for them when they are ready.

Big Love and thanks for being here.

Rory Callaghan


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Once I hear that 2-3 x times I always trust the energy and tune into it. By giving everyone access to the first chapter. It will hopefully help you connect with the heart of what this curated consciousness is about.

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These steps seem counterintuitive and usually ring alarm bells. Like “what's the hidden agenda”. And you are right, there is one. The first half of the book is the global solution. A curation of wisdom and evidence-based science, that paints a positive future vision for the solutions hidden in plain sight. I mentioned that this book is about FREE medicine for people, so it should be exactly that. Everyone should have access to that information, without having to jump through online hoops. So step 2 is for those who want to keep reading.

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SelfCare Book
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I was once traveling on an old ferry in Indonesia. I noticed that someone had handcrafted a little bookshelf. Travelers had seen the intention and started leaving their favorite books behind, in the hope that someone else may stumble upon a little story, life lesson, or piece of wisdom.  Sharing something that had once helped them. I'm not sure about you, but books seem to choose me, not the other way around.

The right book at the right time is an amazing tool for change. As an example, the Tim Ferris 4 hour workweek sat on my desk for years as I worked a 100-hour work week (yes, 100 hours). After I burnt out, for obvious reasons. I picked up this book and started asking myself what a 4-hour workweek would feel like.... I imagined freeing my time and location. Having a distributed workforce of global citizens that were just as passionate, self-governed, and autonomous as I planned to be. Everything changed in that moment. 10 years later here we are. It also means that it may or may not be the right timing for you to read this book and its ok if it sits on your table

I dreamt that someone would grab a hard copy of the SelfCare book one day, and do exactly the same. For me it would be the biggest compliment to walk past a book depository and see my book there, waiting for the next person to pick it up as if it was synchronous and lucky. If you ever find a NEW COPY in a second hand, or street book depository with the words "BE KIND TO YOURSELF, FILL YOUR CUP, SERVE FROM OVERFLOW AND THEN PAY IT FORWARD", then you will understand that I would never ask you to do something that I wouldn't do myself.



So what is the value of the book to you? Whether you paid for it or grabbed a free copy. I want to hear what type of impact it has had on your life. One of the first messages I received, was from one of the first people to read the book. Someone I never expected. It was from a hometown friend that I had not seen in over a decade. He had followed my journey over the years without me ever knowing.

The message said “Hey man, Dylan from Perth/Insta here. Just wanted to say it seems like the timing of everything works out sometimes. Thank you for what you shared in your book. It’s been part of a bigger picture and helped me take a step back. I’m happy to say that Nicole and our two girls have decided to make a big decision and travel. Moving away temporarily from Perth, to spend 6 months in Bali and beyond. I appreciate what you’re up to and look forward to having a beer with you in Bali! Hope you are keeping well”

My definition of success from day one was this “If this book impacts just one person in a positive way, it was already worthwhile”. So everything from here is a bonus. Let's create more vibes like this in the world together. The book is a tool for you to help the people you care about too and receive messages like this.

We would love to hear from you.

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I have set up a private Whatsapp number. If you would like to send us a message, a video, or even a picture to let us know where the book has ended up. Every picture and message will help make the last 7 years of my life worthwhile. It will also give myself and the team energy to keep driving us forward and remind us why we started. Or feel free to share your favorite quote, image or self-realization on a social platform of your choice. Be that inspiration and reminder for others too!

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If something in the book resonates, hits the heart, or facilitates self-realization; A quote, a picture, and anything in between. Capture it,  write it down and share it with the world. We want to inspire people to share, circulate and express.

You don’t have to tag us in, but if you do, we will create a giving impact for every post we are shared or tagged in.

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1% a Day Keeps The Doctor Away.A Reminder That We Have Never Needed to be Fixed


Pass a book on, Leave a Book, Donate a book or Buy a book for someone else they may need to receive a message that they have never needed to be fixed.

Once you are done with the book, would you be willing to pay it forward to someone else? Or if you want to keep your copy, would you be willing to buy a copy and send it to someone else? Even just send a link to the free copies to let people know it is there when they are ready.

As an example, there are street book depository's all over the globe for the homeless and anyone else who may not be able to afford to buy a book. There are also book donation boxes and great programs like “books for Africa”, where you can pay the book forward to children in need around the globe. The hard truth is that if we already have access to the online version or have the disposable income to buy the book. We are the lucky 20%. We can be the ones that rebalance the karma, energy, and opportunity in the world. I imagine a day where a young child in a less developed country picks up this book and is inspired to become a health leader or professional in their own community. In the essence of the "boy who harnessed the wind". One book on magnetics, helped him create a solution for his entire community. Even in the absence of teachers and schools.

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” Malala Yousafzai


Something that would help us have a bigger impact.

We believe in the power of small multiplied by the many.

We intend to rely on the power of people, over traditional marketing channels. Our challenge is to provide real value (not more noise) and trust that the people we help, will be inspired to help more people. Creating a ripple effect of positive impact, starting at each of our own front doorsteps.

We trust that if something is truly valuable and meaningful in your life, or it has had an impact. Then you will feel called to transfer that trust to us, in order to help us impact more people. We also understand that trust is earned, so let's focus on making sure that you put your own mask on first and fill your own cup each day. Before serving those around you. This especially applies to the mums of the world!


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