Table of Contents
This is for all of us.

This curation of consciousness is for all the people who:

...are sick and tired of being sick and tired,

...are seeking simplicity in a sea of complexity, ...know that deep down they do not need to be fixed, simply nourished,

...want to ignite their human potential through their bodies’ innate wisdom,

...want to live in their highest vibration so that they can serve from abundant overflow,

...are driven to optimize their performance in this once-in- a-lifetime human experience,

...are inspired to live their legacy, not just leave one, ...are empathetic and compassionate souls serving from an empty cup,

...want to help everyone else, before helping themselves.

This is for you and everyone you care about.

Initially, I wrote and built this for my patients and my mum.

But, then I realized that I was writing it for me. My imperfect perfect, self.

I needed to learn and embody this message and vision before sharing it with you. Which means, we are all doing this together.

This is for my family, friends, my local community and our global family. Mum, this is for you. You are the hero of this story. To my dad, and my extended family that goes beyond blood, thank you for your support, challenging questions and guidance in the darkest of times.

This is a dedication to all the lightworkers, working behind the scenes, illuminating the darkness. You too are the heroes of this story. I see you.

This book and ecosystem is simply a reminder of what you already know and feel to be true.

The keys are in your hands. The universe is conspiring in your favor.

It’s time to trust your innate wisdom and tune into the source of it all.

From my heart to yours.

Big love and thank you.

Rory Callaghan (CVO)

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