It takes a community to raise a child. It takes a community to heal the sick, and it takes a unified community with a common goal to thrive together as one towards longevity

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A number of great minds, from Albert Einstein to Dikran Marsupial and even Richard Freyman said a similar thing—“If you can’t explain it simply enough to a six-year-old, then the truth is that you don’t yet know it well enough yourself.” So, here’s our six-year-old version of truth.


Our intention is to empower you on your own personal journey, merging ancient wisdom with a modern existence so that you too can be happy, healthy, connected and living towards a unified and sustainable existence for all. Together as one global community on this fragile blue planet.


We believe that good health and wellbeing is a human right for all people, of all ages, regardless of geography, race, religion or luck of birthright. It is a human right for all of us, not just for some us.


To empower good health and wellbeing by enabling personalized, integrated and holistic approaches to health, happiness and connection in a unified and sustainable world. All while reducing the burden of chronic preventable disease in this generation and future generations. If we influence 1 in every 8 people, we will create a ripple effect of positive change: one person, family and community at a time.

My personal mission is to promote health happiness and connection in a unified and sustainable world. SelfCare is about empowering each of us (me included) to look after ourselves so that others may never need to. It is a human-centric, natural, energetic and spiritual approach that unlocks our human potential and empowers each of us to optimize our human experience in our own unique way. This enables each individual to have an impact and create an intergenerational ripple effect

of positive change. This is a natural outcome when we each learn to fill our own cup daily and serve from overflow. The future is abundant. There is enough for all of us. Let’s learn to thrive together as one, sharing and circulating life’s abundance so that we create a world that is a win for all.

GO FIRST, fill your own cup, serve from an overflow, impact your front doorstep and help us have a bigger impact together. One person, one step, one community at a time.

Big Love,


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