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Winners of the SelfCare Book

SelfCare Book
SelfCare “Lifestyle Medicine for the people” Is a simple reminder that we have never needed to be fixed, It’s an empowering framework for decentralised healthcare and a polite FU to the pandemic. Learn o look after yourself so that others may never have to. The keys are in your hands.

The SelfCare book was inspired after I lost my health as a health professional in my Mid 20's. I spent 100's thousands of dollars trying to buy back the most important thing in the world. My health and time.

In this book, I show you where to look, without ever telling you what to see. I didn't want this to be another "guru" book. I met too many of these personalities along the way.

The mentors that really helped me, guided me to see and feel for myself, empowering me to create my own self-realisations along the way. Resulting in new behaviours and lifestyle choices that became "sticky" and lasted the test of time. This is where my health really shifted and kept building to new heights that I could never have imagined in the depths.

Did you know that the average American spends close to $10,000 per person on "health expenditure" each year? Including insurance and everything in between. Australia and European countries are not that far behind. That's crazy, right!

  • This book will save you thousands of dollars. Imagine reflecting on the last 5 years and saying "I can't remember the last time I was sick?"
  • Imagine learning the secrets of centenarian lifestyles. Longevity hotspots where communities commonly live over 100 years of age, without chronic preventable diseases!
  • Imagine knowing how to add 14 years to your life, by simply moderating 4 simple behaviours. I want to show you how to have more time in this life and not die prematurely with a song still to sing.
  • Imagine finding simplicity in a sea of complexity and chaos.
  • Imagine trusting your own amazing body every day.
  • We were never given a user manual for our human body, this is the closest thing I could give you to understand the wonders and innate wisdom hidden within every cell of your body!

For the winners, enjoy! I will be sending you an Amazon voucher to buy the book directly and get it sent to your front doorstep! For the first 2 winners, you also win a Solana token each. I will show you how to set up a non-custodial wallet, so that you can control your money, in the same way, we can control our own wellbeing and take radical responsibility for it.

Winners of the Empower Course

SelfCare to Self Mastery in 8 simple steps

The empower course is essentially the distillation of the entire SelfCare Book into 8 simple steps. Whether you are getting off the couch for the first time, navigating decades of sickcare or a high-performing athlete looking for that extra 1%...

This course holds some amazing clues and will help you define, refine and start a morning routine, that helps you win each morning, so you can win your day!

Congrats to the winners below! Enjoy! And make sure you introduce yourself in the online community.

Winners of the Morning Mastery Discovery Calls

Lifestyle Medicine Coaching

The learning dynamic is powerful for self-awareness. But awareness alone does not create change. The action dynamic is where the magic happens. All it takes is 10 seconds of courage to do something different today and tomorrow.

I was asked what is ONE thing that I could give everyone to help them improve their health and wellbeing. Initially, I considered the Alexander Dan Heijer quote "when a flower doesn't blossom and bloom in the way that nature intended, you don't fix the flower, you fix the environment in which it is trying to grow" ..

This is the long-term change we all need, to co-create enabling environments and communities that support and empower healthy behaviours with ease and flow. However, this will take decades of working together.

Right now, the best thing we can all do is master our own energy, vitality and daily lifestyle choices. Morning Mastery is about choosing morning habits and rituals that fill 3 core pillars. Something for the mind, movement and food. When supported by a connected community, these lifestyle habits and morning routines become even easier! Connection is the elixir to longevity after all.

For the winners below. I understand that many of you are already high-performing humans. Some are tuning into this for the first time. For the newbies, action negates those negative emotions. We will focus on building one small action into the next. For the high-performing humans, we will focus on refining and optimising what you already have towards a functional end goal.

The formula is the same for everyone. 1% a day for 365 days = 37 x improvement from where you started today.

If you want to walk pain-free or run an ultramarathon. The human vessel knows what is required to heal, regenerate and even ignite your innate human potential!

The Power Of One Percent A Day
We all know the 80/20 rule, but do you know about the 1% a day rule?

Kurt Tropiano

Reiss Hunt

Fena Evans

Maurice Tartaud

Dave Laileu

Thinh Nguyen

James Hughes


Ross Forte

Lea Ladina

Ruby Ann

Patrick Fox

Kara Landells

Chloe Dean

I hope to keep this movement transparent, human and trusted from the day we begin. If you would like to help us have a bigger impact, pay it forward. Do something nice for someone who cannot do anything for you in return. You can even anonymously send a copy of the book to someone who might need to receive this message right now.

Thanks for helping us get this momentum rolling! This change will require all of us to work together. I have done my best to go first, I hope you can too, creating a ripple effect of positive change that starts at your own front doorstep. This is the way that we all influence change. One person, one family and one community at a time.

Big Love,

Rory Callaghan

CVO of Selfcare Global


Good luck and anything you need, we have a direct Email and WhatsApp/Telegram number for you to use. We want to keep this human!

E: [email protected] (If you prefer email)

P: +62 813 3948 5245 (Yes, you can message us directly on whatsapp/telegram)

C: (Chat with our founding team/mentors directly)

Rory Callaghan
Rory Callaghan
Rory is the founder and CVO for the Selfcare Global Movement. He is a curious soul with multiple health degrees and an integrated toolbelt, Inspired to share all the insights from the SelfCare book
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