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To celebrate the launch of the SelfCare Book and learning ecosystem. I would love to launch on my mum's bday and start with her GIVING and GENEROUS spirit.

WHAT are we giving away?

In the 11:11 vibe, the soft launch of the platform went live 11:11/11/11 2021.

  1. 11 x Hard Copies of the SelfCare book ($30 USD)
  2. 11 x Spots in the 8-day EMPOWER course ($97 USD)
  3. 11 x 1 on 1 discovery call to organize a #EMPOWERHOUR morning routine ($150 USD)


  1. 1 x SOL - 1st Person Chosen ($100+ USD)
  2. 1 x LUNA  - 2nd Person Chosen ($90+ USD)

We are weighing up whether to build our future-proof Web 3.0 Decentralised App Ecosystem on Solana or Luna. So in the spirit of decentralized health, let’s add these cherries on top.

HOW to enter? 3 Simple Steps.

  1. Follow & share the giveaway post!
  2. Tag 2 friends in the giveaway post. (Can enter multiple times)
  3. Subscribe to the lifestyle medicine newsletter (*will use email to pick)




Winners are announced on April 28th, using email and an AI random picker!

March 28th, 2022 (my mum's bday) - May 29th, 2022.

33 Winners will be announced at 11:11 AM Singapore time on May 29th, via email.


Anyone can enter the giveaway, help us impact more people, and beat censorship. Reminding each other, and ourselves. That we have never needed to be fixed.

33 winners total! Over $2000 USD in value 🙂

Rather than giving the marketing money to Zuckerberg and gates, we thought we would try something different and give that value to people helping us build the vision. Help us IMPACT 1 in 8 people globally. Directly or indirectly! I would rather trust in the power of people and give you all the value, rather than paid marketing.


Every time you exchange time, value, or energy with us, something good happens in the world. Every time you do something good for yourself, something good happens in the world. Our purpose is IMPACT.

Let’s see if the power of people is more impactful than censorship. We believe in People over profits.


Q1 - Do I have to enter on multiple social platforms?

No, just one platform is ok. Choose a platform you use.

Q2 - How will you pick winners?

Using Emails entered in the "subscribe" list & cross-referenced with completion of 3 steps. If 3 steps not completed, we pick the next email and so on. Use the link below to automate the process :)

Q3 - Who will win the Crypto?

First, 2 emails picked. We will organise a call to set up a wallet and send Immediately. Transaction Hash will be provided for transparency.

Q4 - How are the 33 Prizes allocated?

First, 11 emails picked, will win the books, Second 11 emails picked, will win the course coupon, third 11 people picked, will win the discovery calls. Total of 33 winners, with the first 2 emails picked winning a bonus!

Q5 - How will the winners be chosen?

We use Artificial Intelligence and a random email picker. To take out the human component and any bias. I too dislike giveaways that aren't fair and the people running the giveaway, just give the prize to friends or business partners.

Q5 - Any other queries please contact us directly

References, Free chapters, Tools, and More!

SelfCare Book
SelfCare “Lifestyle Medicine for the people” is A Personalised ’12 Medicines’ Formula: For A Healthier, Happier, More Connected You! A reminder that you have never needed to be fixed, simply nourished.
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