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ASSESS - SelfCare
Self Awareness is the first step to creating a change. Utilise the latest evidence-based tools to gain awareness and embody daily lifestyle rituals

Why are these Assessments and Quizzes here?

  • Like you, my journey has been long. I have spent 100's thousands of dollars in higher education at leading universities and personal development programs from industry leaders in each of the 12 medicines.
  • Throughout that journey, the cream rises to the top.
  • I noticed that whilst working with 10,000 + people. From athletes, patients and entrepreneurs. There were common tools that I would always use to guide the process.
  • These assessments should save you time, money and energy. Distilling the most impactful assessments and quizzes into one space for you.
  • It's also a resource that you can leverage to help others! So please do! For example, a friend recently shared "I've sent the future vision tool to 10 of my friends and 2 of my clients!". This is what is designed for. To do and share.

What are the assessments?

  • They range from google documents to well-oiled machines developed by other industry leaders. All have feedback loops and capture your information in visual or written format.
  • Your answers are secured under our privacy act or that of the platform we trust and have shared.
  • They are designed to guide you towards your own self-realisations. You decide the answers, you personalise them and take what you need for your journey. No two answers will ever be the same. There are no blanket profiles. Everyone is unique and we want to honour that.

Who are the Quizzes and Assessments for?

  • Anyone who is simply curious about growth and open to self-realisation
  • Anyone that is seeking answers, hidden in plain sight
  • Anyone that is a student of life and a learning leader
  • Anyone that is looking for tools that they can share with their clients, patients and even family to help guide them on their personal journey. Without telling them what to do.

How do I take the Quizzes and Assessments?

  • Simply click on the links and follow the path. Each assessment and quiz directs you to where you need to go. Some take 2 minutes, some take 20-30 minutes. All have been valuable tools in my own personal journey, not to mention tools that have changed the lives of 100's of thousands of people.

When should I do the Quizzes and Assessments?

  • No better time than right now. Tomorrow is the busiest day of the year.

What are Some Example Assessments?

Amazing industry leaders have taken the time to create some amazing tools for your own self-assessment. So rather than re-inventing the wheel, we decided to shine the light on people giving amazing gifts to the world.

Assess where you are starting today

To know where you are going, you need to know where you are starting. Right?

4 Zones Of Health & Wellbeing Assessment
If you are healthy in that you appear to be unrestricted in your physical, mental and emotional body, that’s great and ideal, but more importantly...Are you happy? Are you connected to yourself and living your ultimate truth? Are you living your ideal day every day? Self Assess
My Life Assessment - 5 Meaningful Measures
Is it the quality of the life lived, even if short, but full of experience? Is it the length of a life lived, even if it was short on experiences outside our comfort zone? Is it based on who had a bigger impact? Or it is just based on the opportunity to live and find happiness? With no regrets?

What about your personalised path?

Passions, values and future vision or True North?

Purpose Test - 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Whether you are trying to find your own personal fulfillment, get investment from the largest contributors in the world, or be in front of the largest money swap in history driven by Millenials. You will need to have a purpose. Take the purpose test here.
Passion Test - Discover your top 5 passions in 15 minutes
Discovering your Passions and linking it to your Mission, Vocation and Profession can lead to a very fulfilling life. Perhaps you may even stumble upon your reason for being along the way or in other terms your ‘ikigai’, “plan de vida’ or “raison d’etre”. Take the passion Test
Values Assessment - Internal Compass Alignment with Dr John Demartini
Your underlying private voids drive your overlying public values. Your present purpose or mission for life will reflect your present highest values. Take the Values Assessment with Dr John Demartini

Would you like to get started?

Are you unsure where to start? That's ok, let us guide you. One step, one day at a time. Start today, its free, only cost is your time.

Getting started with Lifestyle Medicine is easy AS 1,2,3 and it’s free

Would you like a guided 8-day Process?

If you are someone that is ready to take massive action. Do the 8-day empower course. I distilled the SelfCare Book into 8 days and 8 simple steps. Everyone I work with has to run this process for themselves before we move further. Why? because they are essential in order to have a clear path, aligned internal compass and the wisdom to see the answers in plain sight. Filling their own cup, being the vibe they wish to attract and then serving from overflow. Starting at their front doorstep and the local community. Members get 80% off too! See link below.

EMPOWER COURSE - 80% off for members
I wanted to find a way to hold the energy and value of the ecosystem, but ensure that you as a valued member get access to everything you need. If you are a member, then enjoy 80% of this course as a way of saying thank you for co-creating and leading this space with us!
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