The Challenge

Yale-Griffin PRC Director David Katz, MD, eloquently shared that overall

“the general public lacks clear and consistent advice about the role of lifestyle medicine in promoting health. He says too many competing voices, capitalist-driven motives, and conflicting messages in the media have left many people confused about how best to improve their health.”

The Solution

We hope to connect you directly with the most trusted, reliable and inspiring lifestyle medicine mentors. Those walking their talk, living in a state of good health and already having an impact beyond their local community.

Why is the podcast here?

  • To give everyday people access to the mindsets, attitudes and habits and daily rituals of the world's most high-performing humans. In each of the 12 medicines
  • We simply hope to connect you directly to the "horse's mouth", so that you don't get lost in the Chinese whispers and noise of the health and wellness industry. The one that operates as a business more than a service. Let's change that together!

What is in these podcasts for you?

  • You will be inspired by stories from global leaders in the area of health, lifestyle, business, entrepreneurship and social impact.
  • We value quality over quantity. Finding the right people, who have values and visions that align with our audience.
  • I realised that I had access to networks and people, which not many people do. My mission is to connect you with the solutions and the right people.
  • In a simple way, where you can listen to a 20-minute podcast each morning on the way to work or even as you walk the dog on the beach.

Who do we interview?

  • Learn habits from the world's most high-performing humans
  • Latest evidence-based medicine and updates from leaders in their fields of expertise
  • Learning leaders who walk their talk, making the complex simple for you!
  • My mission is to interview everyone quoted in the SelfCare Book. We have over 1000 lifestyle medicine leaders, health professionals and evidence-based scientists to share with you over time.

How does the podcast work?

  • We respect your time, so all podcasts are ~ 20 minutes
  • In the first 10 minutes, we capture their inspiring story
  • In the last 10 minutes, we capture their daily habits, rituals and tools that they use to perform consistently over their lifespan, towards longevity and in good health.
  • We partnered with Spotify to make it easy and accessible for everyone, anywhere!

If you would like to get to know me on a deeper level, here is a list of all the Podcasts I have featured in. These are Real, Raw and nothing but love. Sharing any lessons and vibes that may help you on your journey!

Featured Podcasts with Rory Callaghan. CVO of SelfCare Global

Would you like to apply to be on our podcast?

Please contact us to apply and feel free to comment below and let us know who your favourite Health, Lifestyle and SelfCare podcast is.

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